Tame The Terrain


BILSTEIN B8 8100 reservoir shock absorbers are a direct fit solution for lifted trucks and SUVs. Constructed from aerospace quality billet components, the large 60mm ID shock body, paired with a unique remote or piggyback reservoir, offers a higher oil volume capacity to control heat while tackling rough road surfaces over long distances. Whether rugged trails or asphalt roads, the 8100’s monotube design and 60mm piston with digressive valving offers consistent comfort and control so you can tame the terrain in style.


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GOOD NEWS: Revision of high-performance dampers (from BILSTEIN B6 upwards) is possible depending on the design. Please contact our customer request department for this.

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Features & Benefits

60mm large bore digressive piston offers a greater range of tunability and delivers exceptional comfort without sacrificing control
Direct fit for an easy installation
Vehicle specific shock tuning provides an optimum ride and handling experience
60mm remote reservoir offers increased oil capacity for consistent performance over rough terrain
Billet reservoir mount solution included with every damper
18mm piston rod provides brute tensile strength and reduces internal gas force ramp-up providing a smoother ride
Billet rod end with vulcanized mounts for an exact OE fit and long-term durability
Owner rebuildable and revalvable

Larger Piston Diameter

The large 60mm remote reservoir houses the gas chamber and opens up the main shock body for more wheel travel. BILSTEIN’s nitrogen-infused 60mm monotube design with a floating dividing piston separates the gas and oil, providing consistent, fade-free performance. Durability you can trust on the road ahead.

Direct Fit

Billet rod end with vulcanized mounts for an exact OE fit and long-term durability.

Vehicle Specific Tuning

The BILSTEIN B8 8100 (Smooth Body) is tuned for each application, providing an optimum ride and handling experience.