Pickup ausgerüstet mit BILSTEIN B6 4600 Stoßdämpfern

A Solid Combination of Performance and Reliability


We know that you depend on your vehicle for many aspects in life, and we build a product that you can count on. When it comes to performance and dependability, you can trust that BILSTEIN builds to the highest of quality and safety standards – and we back our products with a warranty to prove it.


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DIE GUTE NACHRICHT: Eine Revision von Hochleistungsdämpfer (ab BILSTEIN B6 aufwärts) ist je nach Bauart möglich. Bitte setz Dich dazu mit unserer Kundensonderwunsch-Abteilung in Verbindung.

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Pickup in der Wüste ausgerüstet mit BILSTEIN B6 4600 Stoßdäpmfer

Features & Benefits

Optimum grip and enhanced lane stability in day to day and extreme situations
High gas pressure and a longer service life even when pulling trailers or driving off-road
Enhanced safety
No spring change required (Use of OE spring possible)
BILSTEIN monotube gas-pressure technology
Individually fine-tuned in the BILSTEIN road test
Digressive valving instantly reacts to changing road surface conditions for maximum comfort and control on and off-road
Durable vulcanized neoprene rubber bushings

Stock Height Replacement with a Bilstein Tune

The Bilstein 4600 is tuned for your vehicle – no matter whether you’re working down a gravel road, towing a trailer, or taking the family out; you can expect a safer, more pleasurable driving experience, with less fatigue on those long hauls.

BILSTEIN B6 4600 Stock Height Replacement

Monotube, High Gas Pressure Design

BILSTEIN’s nitrogen-infused 46mm monotube design with a floating dividing piston separating the gas and oil, provide consistent, fade-free performance. Durability you can trust on the road ahead.

BILSTEIN B6 4600 Monotube

Digressive Valving

You choose the destination, we’ll get you there. You can be confident knowing that BILSTEIN’s patented digressive valving allows shock absorbers to instantly react to changing surface conditions, giving you a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride.

BILSTEIN B6 4600 Digressive Valving