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Designed for modified or specialty vehicles, BILSTEIN B8 5165 shock absorbers combine superior suspension technology with custom lengths and valvings. With an added remote reservoir, BILSTEIN B8 5165 shock absorbers provide ultimate vehicle control on even the harshest terrains. Zinc plating and increased oil capacity dissipate heat more effectively assuring long-term durability.


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Features & Benefits

46mm monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free performance
Self-adjusting deflective disc valving
Remote reservoir increases shock oil capacity for greater heat dissipation
High-flow piston reduces harshness
Available in stem-to-eye and eye-to-eye mounting configurations
Zinc coating for resistance to off-road elements
B8 5165: Custom valving available
Factory rebuildable
Limited 90 day warranty
Available in 4.5” – 14.3” travel length

Custom Fit.

BILSTEIN’s 5165 shocks are sold by travel length to accomodate those builds with extra travel or lift height; loaded or unloaded, towing, tire pressure, etc. With all of these characteristics in mind, BILSTEIN can provide you with the perfect ride, both on and off-road.

You’re in control.

All roads are not created equal. But you can be confident knowing that BILSTEIN’s patented digressive valving allow shock absorbers to instantly react to changing surface conditions, giving you a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride.

Travel more with more travel.

BILSTEIN’s nitrogen-infused 46mm monotube design with a floating dividing piston separating the gas and oil, provide consistent, fade-free performance. Remote reservoir offers increased travel and cooling. Durability you can trust on the road ahead.