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BILSTEIN M 9200 (Bypass).

The BILSTEIN M 9200 (Bypass) shock absorbers are position sensitive and adjustable, offering multiple zones of damping control. The M 9200 (Bypass) – 70 mm is available in 4 tube and 3 tube configurations. Utilizing an externally adjustable bypass shock is the easiest and most effective way to tune your off-road suspension for the ultimate performance.


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Features & Benefits

70mm monotube design
Multiple stroke lengths available ranging from 10” to 18”
60mm piggy back reservoir
1⅛” case hardened, centerless ground piston rod
All machined billet aluminum components
5/8” uniball mounts with 1/2” step spacers
3 stage high-temp seal
Red synthetic high-temp racing oil
Zinc plated
Owner rebuildable
Made in the USA
60mm and 70mm shock bodies available
4 tube and 3 tube, position sensitive with adjustable rebound and compression

Position Sensitive Damping

4 and 3 tube external bypass offers position sensitive damping with independent adjustment for rebound and compression.

Larger Piston Diameter

The 60mm and 70mm large bore hard anodized aluminum piston combined with a 1⅛” case hardened, centerless ground piston rod offer a greater range of damping control, provides brute tensile strength and reduces internal gas force ramp-up for a smoother ride and exceptional long-term durability.